Take a closer look at the Custom Commerce platform.

For all new website builds and migrations the Custom Commerce team will ensure that your ecommerce website performs perfectly straight out of the box. Having said that we’ve also taken the time to ensure that the system is user friendly and intuitive; meaning you can keep your store updated and manage your products with no fuss.

Of course we’re not ones to just set you up and then walk away; that’s where our maintenance plans come in. The primary purpose of our maintenance plans are to give you peace of mind; we know running a business isn’t easy and that’s why we aim to take care of the technical side of your website.


Page titles

When it comes to search engine optimisation, getting the basics right is always a must. Custom Commerce will generate a title that incorporates your brand automatically based on the heading of your product or content. But like all time saving systems you need the flexibility to override this functionality when you want something different. With Custom Commerce you have complete control over your title tags, which can be 100% different from any on-page headings or content for that matter if you so choose.

Target pages towards groups of high traffic key phrases and gain greater visibility for your website.


Meta descriptions

In much the same way as page titles, meta descriptions will be generated on the fly any time a new product or piece of content is added to your website. This ensures that you’ll never leave this valuable content area blank. However you’ll also have complete control over editing your meta descriptions on a page by page basis should you wish to do so.

Increase click-through rates to your ecommerce website by engineering compelling and relevant meta descriptions with a precise call to action.


Heading tags

Often underappreciated, heading tags such as <h1> <h2> etc. help search engines to determine not only the relevancy of your pages, but also the importance of each heading within your content. For example, it is best practice to have just one <h1> tag on each page that identifies the key topic of that content. Custom Commerce has been configured to aid the proper use of heading tags within content through the use of pre-defined content types and a customised WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

Ensure your content is as relevant as possible to a search engine user’s query without over-optimising your website.


XML sitemap

Ensure all your products and content are indexed within search engines with an XML sitemap. XML sitemaps are designed to be read by search engine robots and allow you to prioritise your most valuable content. The Custom Commerce platform will generate and update your XML sitemap on autopilot, which will then go on to be automatically submitted to all major search engines.

Have every page of valuable content on your website appear within search engines and make sure new content is indexed as quickly as possible.


HTML sitemap

Like an XML sitemap but for humans your HTML sitemap serves multi purposes. First and foremost it allows visitors to quickly and efficiently understand the structure of your website, which can be a godsend for large ecommerce websites. Secondly an HTML sitemap can be used to consolidate internal linking to your most valuable landing pages, which will aid visibility within search.

Aid usability and visibility for key landing pages within your ecommerce website using an HTML sitemap.


Micro data markup

Micro data markup for reviews and authors enhances the way your pages are displayed within search engines. Reviews appear with a star rating and blog posts appear with the author’s picture all of which leads to more attractive search results and greater click-through rates resulting in additional traffic.

Micro data markup provides your content with enhanced search engine listings, helping to get more visitors coming through to your website.


Search friendly URLs

Like most of the functionality within the Custom Commerce platform search friendly URLs (Unique Resource Locators) are generated automatically when you add a new piece of content or product to your website. Again if you wish, these URLs can be individually modified for complete control over them.

Custom search friendly URLs provide clean easy to share web pages that add relevancy to your products and content.


Multiple payment processors

Custom Commerce makes the purchasing process easy for your customers integrating with more than 50 payment gateways including PayPal, Authorize.net and SagePay. We can also configure your website with multiple payment options giving your customers the choice of payment processor.

Accept payment from all major credit and debit card providers using a payment gateway of your choice.


Stock management

Manage your stock levels with ease. All products and their variations can be viewed in one easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface). Stop purchases when products are out of stock and be notified automatically when certain products have low stock levels.

Keep on top of your inventory with an easy to use single page stock management system.



Send newsletters to your existing and potential customers using the Custom Commerce newsletter facility. Whether you want to alert your customers to a new product range or a special promotion you’re running it can all be done via the Custom Commerce web interface. Integration with third party email marketing solutions, such as MailChimp, is also available but not required.

Stay in contact with your customers and encourage return business with an easy to use newsletter facility.


Fully customisable products

At Custom Commerce we handle all the nitty-gritty of setting up your products database and making sure it’s easy to add and disable products in the future. So whether you’re selling a box of chocolates or a motorbike with 32 different colour combinations we can build a website that accommodates your needs. Want to sell shoes embroidered with your customer’s name? No problem, it’s all possible with Custom Commerce.

Recreate your personalised shopping experience online with completely configurable product options.


Amazing imagery

Making sure your products look their best has always been a high priority for business owners and your ecommerce website should be no different. In addition to all our websites being completely responsive, meaning they look just as good on your mobile phone as a desktop computer, Custom Commerce also comes with retina ready images. This means that all Apple device owners, of which there are quite a few, with retina screened devices will be able to enjoy your imagery in perfectly crisp detail.

Make your products sparkle however they are being viewed with retina ready images.


Image styles

Pre-configured image styles mean that you add an image once and it’s resized to fit all the different positions it features within the website. For example, you add a new high resolution image to your latest product page and the image will be scaled and cropped to display nicely within your product search results while still being available at a higher resolution for visitors who make use of the zoom functionality.

Avoid the time consuming and tedious process of resizing and cropping your images. Simply upload as is and you’re done.